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Dear dance enthusiasts,

We know that dancing is not only a passion but also a form of expression of your soul. Your choice of dancewear plays a crucial role in how you feel on the dance floor and how you are perceived by others.
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Our trendy dance t-shirts and hoodies for men and women are designed with great attention to detail to reflect your personality and passion for dancing. We understand that you want to feel comfortable in your own skin while moving to the beat of the music. Our outerwear is designed to give you the freedom of movement you need without sacrificing style and elegance.

T-shirts made from soft organic cotton

Tanzuniversum's dance t-shirts are made of high-quality, soft organic cotton that touches your skin gently and makes you feel comfortable to wear. Our hoodies not only keep you warm, they literally envelop you in comfort while you live out your passion.

Dancer personality & outfit suitable for the dance direction

The designs of our trendy dance outerwear are as diverse as the dance styles themselves. Whether you are a passionate salsa bachata kizomba dancer, a graceful ballet dancer or an enthusiastic hip hop dancer, we have the right outfit to complement your personality and dance style .

Stylish & emotional dance t-shirts

Your dancewear should not only be functional, but also an extension of your emotions and your love for dance. Show the world who you are and how much you love dancing by wearing our unique dance t-shirts and hoodies.

Dance t-shirts with designs

Our dance t-shirts and hoodies are works of art created with a lot of creativity, love and passion for dance. The patterns and motifs in our collection are carefully selected to reflect the diversity of dance styles and the personalities of our customers.

The designs on our dance t-shirts tell stories, they convey rhythm, movement and passion. Our hoodies are not only comfortable, but also wonderful creations that will immerse you in a world of dance, even when you're not on the dance floor.

Whether you choose an abstract design with bold colors, an elegant and simple pattern or a playful motif, our collection offers you a wealth of options to express your personality and passion for dance.

Gift for you or your loved ones

Visit our online shop today and immerse yourself in a world of dance fashion that will not only get your body but also your heart moving. Dance with passion, expression and style.

Get a dance t-shirt or dance hoodie for yourself or as a gift for your dear friend, best friend, dance teacher, mother, father. With the Tanzuniversum newsletter you will receive 10% plus a surprise on your first order. Register now. Much joy!

Your dance universe team

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