Renata Kakol, founder & owner

Person behind the brand

                                                                                                 Photo: Renata Kakol

Dance / "Dance flows in my veins", Renata Kakol, founder & owner

Hello dance friend & fashion lover,
I, Renata Kakol, founder and owner, am an enthusiastic dancer. On my dance path I discovered different dance styles such as show dance, Viennese waltz, belly dance, classical Indian dance and salsa, bachata. Every dance form has something special that fascinates me: in show dance I like the choreography and costumes, in the Viennese waltz the feeling of "dancing in the air", in belly dance the flowing movement of the individual body parts and in salsa the fiery tempo.

Fashion love
The world of fashion has always fascinated me. I designed clothes for myself and my body and made them myself. I liked the creative process in which I brought the fabrics, cuts and colors together.

Statements / Language / Sayings
As a writer, I enjoy playing with language. With words I create images and feelings that excite, inspire, irritate or motivate. The interaction of meanings serves non-verbal communication. The expression of insights brings out the authentic and the wisdom of life becomes visible.

Business idea

The great interest in fashion led me to my business idea, in which I combine my preferences: fashion, dance, statements and design development, which ignite a fire in me. I let the combination of my passions flow when creating new designs to create motifs for the stylish look. The modern motifs delight customers. Choose your unusual women's T-shirt, men's shirt or hoodie, order now and enjoy your stylish look. Become a part of our dance universe community.

"T-shirts & hoodies make the man",
Renata Kakol, founder

Who are the T-shirts and hoodies from Tanzuniversum for?
1 Aesthetic people who want to dress and show themselves beautifully 
2 people who dress comfortably, stylishly and for whom feeling good is important 
1 professional, hobby and “just because” dancer
2 professional and hobby musicians
3 T-shirts fans
4 hoodie fans
5 fashion-conscious people
6 people who want to express something
7 people who have passion and show it
8 statement lovers
9 people who like to give gifts to others and put a smile on their faces

Who are the t-shirts and hoodies not for?

1 someone who doesn't care about their looks
3 someone who wants to be invisible
4 someone who is not authentic
5 someone who doesn't want to express anything

Reactions to the Dancing Queen Dance Universe Women's T-Shirt

"Yesterday I wore the Dancing Queen women's T-shirt in white, it matched my jeans. The reactions from friends and strangers were the same: shiny eyes, thumbs up, nodding of the head in agreement, affirmative smile. One man told me that "He will happily buy it because she is also a queen," said Petra. That's exactly the idea behind the Dancing Queen women's T-shirt: every woman is a queen. 

Do you also want to receive good feedback in response to your dance universe t-shirt from friends, colleagues and strangers? Go shopping online now and choose your best t-shirt.

I hope you have fun with your dance shirt or dance hoodie.

Best regards

Renata Kakol

Photo: Renata Kakol