Tanzuniverse brand

Tanzuniverse is passionate about dancing, statements and designs. Our enthusiasm is reflected in the individual designs we develop. We are always working on new collections and stand 100% behind our stylish T-shirts and hoodies to your complete satisfaction. During production we pay attention to high quality for an authentic look.

The Tanzuniversum shop stands for:
- Passion
- Energy
- Happiness
- Stylish t-shirts & hoodies
- Professional designs

Important facts about the Tanzuniversum label

Professional designs

As the owner, I and my wonderful team create modern designs for unusual women's and men's T-shirts. My collection also includes stylish women's and men's hoodies. With every creation, the message and the appropriate design are important to me. It is a long creative process from the idea to the final result. However, every minute is valuable when I look at the design and feel an explosion of energy, joy, enthusiasm. Pure liveliness.

100% EU quality

All production takes place in the EU, from design through production to transport. During production, we pay attention to high quality of the goods and long-term customer satisfaction. Payment is of course secure.

100% sustainability

We produce to order, which is good for the environment. Others produce ahead of time and the unsold goods have to be disposed of. 

Online shopping

The dance t-shirts for going away are available online 24/7, meaning every dance lover or statement fan can order a cool, beautiful, inspiring, original t-shirt or hoodie for their special wardrobe. Or find a gift for a loved one.

Your benefit in 10 points

1 Stylish women's T-shirts, men's shirts and hoodies for your look
2 Professional and original designs
3 eye-catchers
4 Pleasant feeling on the skin
5 Combine T-shirts and hoodies comfortably on the sofa in peace and quiet in front of the screen 
6 Shop online on the go 
7 100% secured payment
8 EU quality production (design, production and transport in the EU)
9 Sustainability
10 satisfaction