Business T-shirt and self-confidence in the office look, office T-shirt series, part 2/3


Feeling good in your own skin has a huge impact on performance and a proactive attitude at work. Your own self-confidence increases, which leads to better results at work. Those who feel comfortable in their second skin demonstrate their skills better and celebrate greater success.

Disguise mediocrity with good clothing
There are employees who do their jobs mediocre. With good clothing they create more appearance than reality, because some people look at the appearance and not at the same time at the ability and the achieved performance. One can deceive for a time, but the truth emerges.
The clothing serves to cover the body and internal well-being. Regardless of external appearances, character and self-assessment come to light when acting. What I think, your own values ​​and emotions are what drive an action and success. Quality of activity is the measure of achievement, not beautiful or uniform clothing.

Some people find the uniform formal clothing good, but others are bothered by it because it is restrictive.
Appropriate clothing is worn in banks and insurance companies with customer contact. she points to distance. In creative or social areas, it is the relaxedness and closeness that is achieved with a jacket and T-shirt .

For occasions such as business lunches or external appointments, clothing should not be too overdressed or underdressed. For employees who wear t-shirts, a shirt can be a little more subtle or stylish.

Clothing communication and opportunities for advancement
Clothing and success interact, as do employees and bosses communicate. For bosses who prefer casual business looks, it can make sense to wear an expensive suit made of the finest fabric. If you want to climb the career ladder, you should look at the clothing of the next level of management.
Position and clothing
Your own position in the company also plays an important role in outfit creation. A relaxed customer contact in the company allows more leeway when choosing clothing and supports personality and skills.

Clothing as a push
On days when things aren't going well at work or you feel less comfortable than usual, clothing is important. It can push you and brighten your inner mood. According to psychologists, clothes that are comfortable and of good quality have an impact on self-confidence and self-confidence.

Shirt and quality / office look tip 1
A high-quality, stylish business T-shirt from Tanzuniversum goes perfectly with a good suit or costume. The modern T-shirts are 100% cotton - a natural product. The natural material is very good for the skin. The natural fiber material is breathable, ideal for hot days. The tops retain their shape after many washes. so that you will enjoy them for a long time.

The first impression
According to the HR manager, it is important whether the clothes and shoes worn are clean. A wrinkled shirt or T-shirt is a no-go. Ultimately, it matters who wears the clothing. Depending on the industry, desired position and personality, a business casual look T-shirt with a blazer is a good choice.

Suit and T-shirt are a good choice/office look tip 2
Clothing affects how we think and feel. The suit/costume (overall formal wear) represents power and importance. Those wearing suits look at things in a very distant and abstract way, less fact-oriented. A t-shirt symbolizes comfort and social connection. Managers who wear suits and t-shirts think abstractly and are based on facts. Blazer and shirt is a mix of seriousness and comfort.

Clothing has many functions, the most important thing is that it corresponds to and serves the skills and well-being of the wearer.

Invitation to discoveries
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