T-shirts have arrived in the office look, office t-shirt series part 1/3

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Success and competence in business depend on actions and achievements, rather than on business uniforms. Silicon Valley has shown that success can be achieved in a t-shirt look in the garage (that's how Google came about). Casual look and success are the trends in modern office style.

Bosses in business casual look with shirt
The dress code for managers has changed in the globalized world. Costumes, suits and ties are another type of corporate uniform. In the past, the suit symbolized success and showed that the wearer could pay a lot of money for a fine material. In today's individualized, globalized world, our successes speak for us, regardless of uniform clothing in a business look. Black T-shirt, black pants and dark sneakers, that is the modern office outfit of successful men from Silicon Valley. The new office outfit went into the world. Successful bosses and millionaires often wear T-shirts, trousers and sneakers. The activities and successes characterize modern bosses, not just the purchase of expensive suits.
T-shirts have become a matter of course for bosses in a casual office look. One of the successful CEOs of a global corporation, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, likes to wear a T-shirt in everyday office life and at public appearances. The boss of a global company earns his money in a T-shirt look.

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Business casual look in industries, professions & companies
In many industries such as services, manufacturing and education, T-shirts are very popular alongside shirts and are accepted by company management. Employees of agencies and small law firms often wear casual outfits made of T-shirts and the business casual look is permitted by superiors. IT professionals, technicians or electricians prefer comfortable shirts that are also breathable. Numerous agencies, startups, small and medium-sized companies allow a casual T-shirt office look.

At banks or insurance companies, where customer contact is more important, the casual dress code is not yet permitted. In some job interviews in some industries, it is more likely to wear a shirt or blouse to make a good first impression. But in everyday office life, the T-shirt for the office prevails.

T-shirts office outfit of employees
For many managers, the satisfaction of their employees is important in their everyday work. In addition to the promotional measures such as massage services, relaxation or play rooms, the dress code is also becoming more casual. More and more companies are allowing the more casual look because they recognize the potential.
When choosing an office outfit, the focus is on personality. Women and men with style also pay attention to the occasion. Today's employees may feel comfortable in their attire at work and prefer looser clothing. Comfort and style are the priority.

Shirt in office style/office style tip
A pair of trousers or skirt with a shirt and blazer enhances the professional business outfit. The jeans are considered "work trousers" and they can be enhanced with high-quality or stylish shoes.

Office Style & Employee Types
The employees in the companies have different interests and characters. One is a sporty type and therefore wears a lot of jeans and sneakers. The other person likes it cozy and very comfortable and would prefer to come to work in a jogging suit and slippers.
Those who don't like fashion have 10 identical tops and 5 pairs of pants in their closet because combining and thinking about what goes well with what and when is too tiring for them. The fashion savvy follow many trends and wear stylish outfits. You combine office T-shirts with contrasting materials and play more with colors and designs.

T-shirt outfit for business look/office look tip
You can create the casual business look with a V-neck or crew-neck shirt made of 100% cotton or a linen fabric mix, chino pants and chicken loafers.

Conclusion on the topic of office t-shirts
The T-shirt is a wonderful all-rounder that has been socially accepted as an office outfit. When it comes to a business look, it's important to feel comfortable and be stylishly dressed. Your own competence is underlined by well-chosen clothing that also corresponds to your personality, activity and the company dress code. Finally, one thing applies: there are suitable shirts for every occasion, so that everyone can find the perfect T-shirt for their office look.
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