Kizomba Dance: History, Styles and Tips for Beginners


Kizomba is a romantic dance style that originated in Angola and has spread around the world in recent years. The dance is characterized by its sensual music and movements and is particularly popular with couples. In this article you will learn about the history of kizomba, the different styles and some tips for beginners.

The history of the Kizomba dance

Kizomba originated in Angola in the late 1970s as a mixture of traditional Angolan semba music and Portuguese zouk music. The dance became increasingly popular in Angola in the 1980s and spread to other African countries and Europe in the 1990s. Today there are many different kizomba styles, varying depending on region and cultural influences.

Kizomba styles

There are many different kizomba styles, which can vary depending on the region and dance school. Here are some of the most famous kizomba styles:

  1. Kizomba Tradicional: This style is the original Kizomba style and is still danced in Angola and other parts of Africa. It's a slow, romantic dance style with lots of tight hugs and sensual movements.

  2. Kizomba Fusion: This style developed in Europe and other parts of the world and is inspired by other dance styles such as tango, bachata and salsa. Kizomba Fusion is a slow and sensual dance style that includes many complex steps and figures.

  3. Urban Kiz: This style is a modern interpretation of Kizomba and is influenced by hip-hop and other urban dance styles. Urban Kiz is faster and more energetic than other kizomba styles and often includes acrobatic figures.

Kizomba tips for beginners

If you are new to Kizomba dancing, there are some tips that can help you feel comfortable on the dance floor:

  1. Take a Dance Class: A dance class is a great way to learn the basics of Kizomba dance and network with other dancers. You can also take dance classes online.

  2. Practicing posture: Kizomba involves lots of close hugs and physical contact, so it's important to have good posture and pay attention to your posture.

  3. Learn the basic steps: Start with the basic steps of Kizomba and practice them until you feel confident. Once you've mastered the basic steps, you can focus on expanding your steps and learning figures.

  4. Listen to Kizomba Music: Listen to different Kizomba songs and try to feel the rhythm and melody.

    Have fun.

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