Second TanzMomente Challenge 2021
The second TanzMomente Challenge will come in spring 2021. The date will follow. Information via newsletter. Sign up. Be there.

First TanzMomente Challenge 2020
A competition for the most beautiful T-shirt from Tanzuniverse
Dance, joy, expression
Tanzuniversum's first challenge was created to bring the feeling of dance into the world. The competition participants had the task of showing in a video what the dance means to one of them. The challenge was all about: dance, feeling, expression, passion. The winner danced for a T-shirt of their choice from the Dance Universe collection.
The first challenge winner is from Switzerland
The TanzMomente challenge was international. Participants from many countries (Germany, England, Switzerland) submitted their dance videos. The winner was chosen from the wonderful submissions. Andrea Nader Zosso, from Switzerland, is the first winner of Tanzuniversum's TanzMomente Challenge. We congratulate the winner very much. She chose the Dance Mom shirt in black.

It was a great experience full of creativity, expression and the joy of dancing. We would like to thank all challenge participants who submitted their dance videos. We are pleased that the message of dance from Tanzuniversum has gone out into the world for the first time.

She paired the t-shirt with a black blazer and blue jeans.

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