Business T-shirt and tips for the office look, office T-shirt series, part 3/3

Business fashion casual
The modern business look is a combination of elegance and comfort. Beautiful, high-quality clothing strengthens your self-confidence and makes you comfortable to wear. The wearer is competent and relaxed, just like his clothing. You can create the casual business look with a shirt made of 100% cotton or linen, a chic skirt and heels for women or chinos and chic loafers for men. There are employees who like to have a lot of freedom and like to dress very stylishly. What is important to consider when choosing a t-shirt for your office outfit? What are no-gos in the office look? We present valuable tips that are important in the office image.

T-shirt outfit tip 1/ T-shirt and suit
A classic in everyday office life is a trouser suit or costume in a feminine shape and a T-shirt. The color combinations depend on the company's dress code. The combination brings variety to office styling: blazer and trousers or skirt instead of a suit. The skirt should never be short or too tight.


T-Shirt Outfit Tip 2/ Quality
Stylish T-shirts from Tanzuniversum are high quality. The shirts are 100% cotton - a natural product. The natural material is permeable to air, ideal for hot days.
The tops retain their shape after many washes. so that you will enjoy them for a long time.

T-Shirt Outfit Tip 3/ Natural material cotton and wearing comfort
The fabrics of your clothing have a huge impact on your well-being. Strengthening self-confidence through the choice of clothing has an impact on how you deal with a variety of situations at work. If you feel comfortable, are confident in your skills and are wearing your favorite clothes, you can easily master your tasks and situations at work. For a pleasant feeling on the skin, we recommend opaque, 100% cotton fabric or other materials such as linen or silk. The best basic office T-shirt for the body is a shirt made from a 100% cotton fabric because it is breathable in summer and warming in autumn/winter.
We advise against synthetic fibers such as acrylic and polyester in hot weather because you will sweat a lot and feel uncomfortable. The natural material is the best choice.

T-shirt outfit tip 4/dress combination
There are many situations at first contact where the tie is frowned upon. Instead, a T-shirt with a blazer is common for business outfits. This successful clothing combination represents respect and a more open mind that sticks to formalities and is witty when it comes to solutions. In many offices, the use of T-shirts is very accommodating and stylish sneakers are also permitted.

T-shirt outfit tip 5/ colors and motif
A minimalist t-shirt or hoodie goes wonderfully with plain trousers or a skirt. Stimulating, inspiring motifs create a good atmosphere and are accepted by colleagues and bosses, for example, according to our customers, the Dancing Queen T-shirt is admired. The shirt brings good feedback that makes you happy.

T-Shirt Outfit Tip 6/ Statement T-Shirt
For a casual office look, beautiful statement shirts or a sporty shirt with an eye-catching motif are popular. Neutral or inspiring statements of the message are welcome, e.g. The Dancing Queen Shirt or Dancing King T-Shirt are often used as conversation starters, even with strangers. The feedback is very positive.

T-Shirt Outfit Tip 7/ Contrasts and Textures
Playing with contrasts and textures makes the office look interesting. For example: an old pink shirt with a pleated skirt for women or with black jeans for men. A baser/jacket gives the look a serious touch. Bright sneakers and a small handbag complete the look.

T-Shirt Outfit Tip 8/ Minimalist T-Shirts
Shirts with small designs are a good basis for casual business fashion. Elegance and classic style are emphasized by shirts with small prints and pencil skirts, jeans or culottes, which can be worn well with a long blazer.

T-Shirt Outfit Tip 9/ Comfort
Good tops, such as T-shirts and hoodies, should feel comfortable. This makes it very comfortable to wear. Shirts and sweaters with some freedom of movement are easy and uncomplicated to wear. Your favorite item of clothing is easy to iron, which makes it more enjoyable to wear.

T-shirt outfit tip 10/ sustainability
Sustainable T-shirts and sweaters serve the wearer and protect the environment. Environmentally friendly manufacturing increases awareness of fashion and environmental protection.

T-Shirt Outfit Tip 10/ Timeless T-Shirts
The perfect timeless basic shirt is white or black. The two colors are real classics and look good on many types. There are two T-shirt shapes: fitted and loose. A feminine cut emphasizes the body shape. With loose-fitting shirts, freedom of movement is the priority.

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T-shirt outfit tip 11/ no gos
In today's fashion world, everything is allowed, the wearer makes the rules. Things look a little different in professional life and there are a few no-gos when it comes to business outfits:
- dirty parts (including shoes)
- crumpled pieces of clothing
- damaged clothing (e.g. button is not there, hole in the bladder)
- clothes that are too small or too big
- derogatory, insulting statements
- political statements (the company's philosophy sets the tone)

It is the common criteria that are inadmissible and damage your own image.

T-shirt outfit tips/important information
The following are crucial when creating your own office looks for office style or online conferences:
1. Find a look that you like and suits you
2. buy clothes that fit your figure
3. Choose quality, good fabrics last longer and you feel the quality when you wear it
4. Timeless T-shirts & hoodies are always fashionable
5. Adapt your look to the occasion

Find your look and enjoy colors, motifs and clothing combinations that match your personality and well-being and strengthen you. With high-quality T-shirts made from 100% cotton you are dressed stylishly and comfortably. With trendy hoodies you will always look good and feel comfortable in your second skin. Quality lasts for a long time after many washes.

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