1 shirt 7 DIY stylings/occasions

1 shirt & 7 DIY stylings/occasions

Now is styling time! We'll show you 7 T-shirt styling tips on how to create 7 looks with a T-shirt to master everyday situations in style.

Friends meeting/streetwear

A black women's organic cotton T-shirt with the Dancing Queen motif can be wonderfully combined with white jeans and pumps. A black belt goes with it. You can wear a short jacket with the shirt. A pocket complements the shirt look and the meeting with friends can begin.

Dance shirt for training / street look

A Dancing Queen shirt that reflects your dance passion is perfect for the way to training. You can also wear the shirt with design with sweatpants for training and move like a queen during the exercises. The Dancing Queen organic cotton shirt is phenomenal for the way to training or for the training itself and makes you a stylish queen.

Shopping look/street style

The Dancing Queen shirt women's organic cotton in black goes well with a red skirt and sneakers. Plus a trench coat in a caramel tone. The DIY street style for shopping is perfect and comfortable.

Trendy business shirt for an agency look

For the agency look with the black Dancing Queen shirt for women, you need blue jeans and a short yellow sweater. Dark blue sandals go fantastically with the casual, active look for the agency. Instead of jeans, you can wear a fabric skirt. Play with your figure, preferences and clothing items.

Stylish T-shirt for home office style

During a video conference, people see you and your top. The crown on the Dancing Queen shirt is a unique eye-catcher and leaves a lasting impression. Depending on your preference, the women's shirt goes well with black trousers and comfortable shoes.

Comfortable T-shirt for home look

Every queen also wears her crown at home. With the unusual Dancing Queen T-shirt for women and white jogging pants, every queen will chill out like a queen on the sofa. Feel comfortable, relax and watch TV at home in the DIY shirt style.

The trendy shirt for a party look

The trendy Dancing Queen shirt is the eye-catcher of the party look. The dance outfit is put together with a white shirt and dark skinny jeans. Black high heels and a small shiny bag go well with it. With the trendy dance T-shirt you have a royal dance outfit and the evening is yours!


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